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Welcome to the Vista Palomar Riders Membership information page.  Here you will be given the steps you will need in order to complete the application process. 

Please feel free to contact a Board member or Membership Committee Chairperson with any questions you might have. 

Please print these forms, complete and sign; Membership Application, Release of Liability: one for each member of the family, read and sign the VPR Facility Use Agreement

Below you will find the Membership Levels and dues that will be required when you apply for membership.  A check is required to accompany your application.  Please make your check payable to Vista Palomar Riders and submit it with your paperwork.  Mail to: Vista Palomar Riders PO Box 1145, Bonsall, CA 92003

Your application paperwork will be submitted to the Board for approval and can take at least one month to process.  Once approved you will be notified and asked to attend an Orientation Luncheon at the clubhouse.  You will be contacted by the membership committee as to when this Luncheon will be held, which is simply a meet and greet where you will be introduced to a Board member and fellow applicants.  We give you a tour of the clubhouse and grounds so you know where everything of importance can be found.

Please call for prorated membership rates for new members.

 Annual Dues 





Extended Individual (adding a child)
If you’d would like to add grandchild, niece or nephew you may do so by adding $50.00 to you annual dues.




Extended Family (adding a child)
If you’d would like to add grandchild, niece or nephew you may do so by adding $50.00 to you annual dues.


See Proration for New Members

When you are ready to process your application, please give the Membership Committee Chairperson a call and she will go over the next step. 


Print out the forms (Below)

Membership Committee Chairs:

Teri Ardito - Phone 760-207-1700
Jini Moeller - Phone 760-468-9851
Diane Rachels - Phone 714-308-3090
or email: vpr.membership@gmail.com

Download: Membership Application
Download: VPR Release of Liability Form
Download: VPR Facility Use Agreement

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2019 VPR Obstacle Challenge




2019 VPR Obstacle Challenge



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